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You Never Spot Learning

Whatever profession you are in, you will never know everything, and there is always something new to learn.

As new students who begin their teacher training, and describe it as the beginning of their journey towards deepening their own understanding of Yoga, as well as pursuing a career as an instructor. That journey never ends.

With all of the years I have been teaching, I learn something new every time I attend a course or workshop. This knowledge is often something I will share with my students in class and implement into my teaching where I feel appropriate.

I continually reference back to my books about Yoga, Mindfulness and Anatomy.

I also learn so much through my students, and feel the role of a Yoga teacher is to provide guided support to your students, many of which are looking for change.

As much as I love teaching, I also love being a student myself.

One of the greatest lessons to learn as a teacher, is self care and establishing boundaries.

How can we look after everyone else, if we do not care for ourselves!

I am so excited to be returning to my most inspirational teacher, shiva Rea, this June.

My Ashtanga training , with David Swenson , gave me the perfect lineage, as well as the art of giving assists, both verbally and hands on.

The primary series is an incredible system to know how to teach, and you can always use it whenever you are not feeling particularly creative in sequencing, as it will always work.

It was suggested to me that I train with Shiva Rea, after I had been teaching Ashtanga for some time, and flow Yoga was beginning to come to the forefront.

I have always loved Dance and come from a family of musicians.

Training in Vinyasa flow was , therefore, a natural progression.

Certain styles of Yoga have also been very inspirational to me.

I love Jivamukti Yoga, and if I ever have time, try to go to a class.

The teaching of the philosophies, the chanting and the incredible sequencing always set to great tunes, makes this practice, close to my heart.

I am also excited to be going on a Jivamukti immersion in a couple of weeks, as well as a class this sunday.

I hope to return truly inspired and charged, reinforcing my love of what I do as not only a job, but as my something to give back to me, and share with others.


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