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Yoga mentoring can be an extension to your 200hr foundational course and is delivered on a one-to-one basis. We offer this to any Yoga teacher, either upon completion of your basic training to begin your teaching journey, if you have already been teaching for some time and wish to further your knowledge, or to help inspire your current teaching. 

Completing your 200hr certification is only the beginning. It really isn’t until you begin teaching that you learn how to teach. Our students are our best teachers and it is through many years of trial and error that we now know how to guide a mixed level of students through a safe, but inspiring class.

The mentor program is run by our Head of Teacher training, Paula Ahlberg.


Example of Topics covered:

- How to create class plans

- Modifying classes for injuries and other health conditions

- Integrating Philosophy into teaching

- Creating workshops and retreats

- How to make your current teaching go to another level.

- How to teach 1:1’s

Yoga is, by and large, unregulated, although there are accreditation bodies, such as Yoga Alliance, these bodies do little to regulate yoga or hold it accountable for many of its issues — one such issue is the commodification of yoga, which, arguably, accreditation bodies are guilty of too. 

A significant reason I advocate for mentoring in yoga is that it moves professional yoga from being unregulated to self-regulating.


Paula has been practicing and teaching Yoga for well over 20 years.  She has experience from running retreats, workshops, and has taught many 1:1 sessions. She has been the head of her own Yoga and Wellness centre for 10 years.


Paula began running her Teacher Training courses 9 years ago and have trained over 130 students to be Yoga Teachers, some of who have gone on to become very successful teachers in both the UK and Internationally. 

Paula offers her services for £60 per hour (face to face in studio) or £50  (online). 
Extended hours or mentor packages can be booked at a discounted rate

For more information and to book, please contact Paula direct on

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