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Time To Mediate

Anyone who knows me, and especially since I am a Leo, will be aware that I truly am a person who thrives in the sunshine.

I woke up on this incredible sunny Sunday morning to start my day in the most idyllic way. My idea of absolute bliss is to sit in quiet reflection with the warmth of the sun touching my skin.

All the beauty magazines say that we should keep our face out of the sun to stay youthful and avoid sun damage. But it is incredible how 15 minutes of sunshine can lift the spirits, and in my opinion, take you closer to Samadhi (bliss), through Meditation.

I have reached a stage in my life where the importance of Meditation has never been more beneficial to me. As I have mentioned many times before, I was drawn to the physical aspect of Yoga for many years, with the promise of vitality and a stronger body. For quite some time, I thought, like many others, that meditation was not needed, and it was impossible to clear my mind ( and why did I even need to) ?

Many people define meditation as thinking of nothing. We will always think as long as we are breathing.

Meditation is more about observing your thoughts and learning to stay present. When practised over time, the mind is clearer and the ability to stay in the present moment suddenly feels possible.

So while I sat this morning in my garden with the birds singing, the sun shining, my breathing relaxed, my mind calm, I realised how lucky I am to just be here, in this moment and right now.

My perception of Yoga is more about the spiritual practice than ever before. A healthy, fit body which is able to move through a variety of postures can be achieved with practice. If all of our energies and focus are only on this, what when we are injured and less able? Can we not practice Yoga?

A clear, focused, but calm mind, is something which will support you through the ups and downs throughout life. Learning to just be in the moment with a clear mind, and without judgement, is the best Yoga practice which will support you on your journey throughout life.


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