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The Yoga Journey

Last weekend was the first weekend of our Teacher Training.

All of my uncertainty and anxiety regarding whether my new group will get along and form a bond together, is soon put to one side. Whether it is because I am now more relaxed, having run the course for 4 years, or just having like minded Yogis about to embark on their new journey, my worries are put to rest. 

What a wonderful group! In no time it is apparent that I have a very engaging group of students who formed an immediate bond with one another. I have a group of 12, which is a wonderful number as we can really give individual attention.

Some of my teacher trainings that I attended have been so packed and I really wonder how a tutor is able to interact with so many. It is so important for each individual to have the opportunity to contribute and have relevant questions answered.

The weekend commences with History and Philosophy, which is taught by a very dear colleague and friend of mine, Meret Mengis. Her knowledge is phenomenal and even though I have heard her lecture for 4 years, I learn something new every time.

Students often find this weekend fascinating, but, at the same time, so much to process.

As Meret explains, philosophy is a subject that you will not understand all in one go. It is only with teaching experience and continuing study and reading, that it all makes sense, and students begin to grasp the concept and how to apply it to their teaching, as well as how to integrate it into their lives.

Meret has an incredible way of teaching this very complex subject and makes it understandable.

The students contributed and raised many interesting questions in every lecture.

I feel they all found the weekend fascinating and it has only verified how the subject of yoga is so deep, and however much we think we know, however many years we have been teaching, there is always something new to learn.

I had the most amazing weekend and am honoured to share my knowledge and become part of the journey these students have just embarked upon.


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