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The Final Stages

You may have maintained a regular yoga practice for many years, and even worked towards achieving the more advanced asana. You may even attend classes and believe that it looks so easy to instruct.

Practicing and teaching are two completely different things.

I wish I could remember what I taught in my first class and how I delivered it. I do remember being very nervous, and that I had a set routine which I had practiced for weeks on end ! 20 years ago, there were not so many yoga classes around, and certainly not as many instructors as there are today. Most people coming to my first classes, attended purely for the physical aspect.

In todays society, where there is way more awareness of practices such as Mindfulness, and where our fast paced life puts increasing pressure on us, more and more of us are seeking a deeper connection to our true self. Santosha, or contentment is something which most of us strive for, bringing about a sense of freedom from this artificial world of perfection.

Santosha and freedom is what I wish to give my class. Way more than teaching them the perfect arm balance!

During these three days of the Teacher Training, we provide the students with some set Yoga sequences, along with some useful tips on how to deliver.

Even though we recommend Beginner Yoga classes for those new to Yoga and classes are often set to an appropriate level, the reality is that you will always have a real bag of mixed abilities in a class.

You have been given the tools to deliver, but it is up to you to put it together and make it authentic.

I have to say, I am very proud of my students.

Their confidence has grown so much over the course.

Along with my feedback together with their fellow students, I hope they feel ready to take this first step on a long journey to becoming a teacher, who is not only inspirational, but compassionate to every individual.


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