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Taking Time for Myself

It has been a while since my last blog, and it appears to be the same excuse we all use, busy with.....

I have been on an amazing holiday to Cancun, Mexico with my husband. A trip away from work and time to reconnect not only as a couple, but also to myself.

Our room was just a stones throw away from the beach, which was not only peaceful and incredibly beautiful, but an idilic location to start the day with a Yoga practice.  There really is nothing more inviting than laying your mat on the sand whilst hearing the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face.

For those of you thinking that maybe I should just go away for a week of rest and take a break form my mat, Yoga is to me what a vitamin supplement may be to others. My joints, particularly my back, receives mobilisation and freedom of movement. I reconnect to my breathing and gain a sense of inner strength of mind and body.

I only wish I could keep that holiday feeling going! All I need to do is have the ocean, sunshine and sand in my back garden ! Not asking much really is it ?

I have some exciting things coming up now at work to keep me enthusiastic and further develop my Yoga knowledge.

I am off to London this week to attend my Yin Yoga with Mindfulness Level 2 Teacher Training with Sarah Powers. I am then running two Yin courses myself, one here and one in Birmingham.

I am attending a Jivamukti Immersion course in May and again in July.

So with that in mind, all of you who regularly attend classes with me, expect a more inspired teacher !!


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