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Putting it all into practice

''Practice and all is coming''- K.Pattabhi Jois.

It is always better to do a little than none at all. Yoga is a scenic journey to our deepest spirit. Practice as much or as little as feels correct for that day.

This expression is something we could use in many aspects of our life. How can we expect to reap the rewards if we have not put the effort in to begin with ? This takes us back to the eight limbs of Yoga and the Yamas, the principles of ethical behaviour one should follow in everyday life, in our relationships with others and with ourselves.

The third of the Yamas is Asteya, or not stealing. Freeing oneself from the desire to have something that one has not earned or paid for.

As teachers we encourage students to spend time and patience on the yoga mat before expecting the fruits of practice. When teaching we should be mindful of honouring what is not available to our students in their practice by encouraging them that through regular practice their are greater possibilities.

As students on a Teacher Training course, it takes time and effort to develop the skills required to become a popular instructor. However much you think you know, you will always be challenged and grow in confidence over time.

In this fourth weekend of the Teacher Training, we explored how we could begin to integrate the philosophy and knowledge learnt so far in order to begin structuring a class plan.

I totally respect that this is the hardest aspect of teaching. It is only through self practice and continual study that you grow as a teacher.

I am still learning even though I have been teaching for over 20 years ! I , like anyone else, have some days when I can leave class and feel ''that was a great class''. At the same time I still question myself from time to time. I learn so much through those attending class, as well as my students on the courses.

A technique and style which works for one person, does not necessarily work for another.

I feel blessed to share my knowledge and see students flourish into inspiring teachers.

It was amazing to witness each student teaching their fellow students. The transformation from their first weekend is incredible. I already feel more confidence and have begun to get a feeling for each ones strengths.

Seeing all the topics come together and being the one who has put this course together, makes me feel proud of my achievements, and when I can sometimes feel exhausted from the amount of work it takes to teach, run a studio and run a course, I gain energy and strength from all you wonderful Yogis on your own personal journey.


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