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Final Assessment

Our final weekend of the Teacher Training was focused on practice teaching, along with a recap of all the topics covered.

I realise this is a really nerve racking time for the students, as they feel they need to deliver  a class which is a complete representation of their understanding and application.

I feel it would be unfair to make a decision as to whether I feel they are prepared to go out and teach in just this session. With this in mind, I take a continual assessment over the duration of the course.

For some, it comes very naturally to just stand up in front of a class and deliver something which is not only inspirational, but safe and well structured.

More than anything, I like to see the individual creativity, and the personality of the instructor.

Some classes may feel very text book, and even though they are correct technically, they feel almost over planned and without the creativity to allow for modifications and inspiration.

On my Teacher Trainings, the focus is on teaching and the practicalities of delivering with confidence, and the ability to adapt  to suit mixed levels.

As much as we would like to set the level and requirements of anyone coming into class, that is not reality.

People come to Yoga for a variety of reasons and with a range of mixed abilities. Some may be coming to help with rehabilitation from an injury. Some may be searching for another from of fitness to add to their normal training. Some may wish to just gain a little more mobility and strength.

Others may be wishing to just relax, and reduce stress or anxiety. Many of us just wish to connect to our inner self and find contentment.

Whatever the reason, you, as an instructor, are their to provide guided support throughout their journey towards the goal.

The general public who attends Yoga will always be a mixed array of personalities and often challenges.

I have loved teaching another course, but most of all, I am very proud to witness the development of each individual.

I can only say that once you have finished the Teacher Training, that is just the beginning of your journey.

Continue your self practice, continue your study, but foremost, remind yourself of why you wished to embark on this path in the first place.

I look forward to welcoming new students for this years course starting in September!


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