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The 200-hour teacher training course will give you all the tools you need to be able to teach Yoga with safety and confidence to a variety of clientèle of mixed levels, from beginners through to more advanced dynamic classes.


Our weekend courses and workshops offer ways to deepen your knowledge and understanding of certain aspects of Yoga and what it entails. Yoga Teaching Academy is a Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited teaching facility and meets the highest standards to guarantee you the best possible teacher training available.


Director of Wellbeing Warehouse


Paula is an 800-hour Senior Yoga Teacher and the Course coordinator of the Yoga Teaching Academy. She began practicing Yoga well over 25 years ago and was drawn to Yoga, initially, through a period of depression and anxiety. 


Previously Paula had always worked in the Health and Fitness industry, both in the UK and overseas, and even though she had worked with many disciplines of body work, had not integrated the mind-body training so much a part of Yoga.


‘’My initial introduction to Yoga was whilst living in Sweden, and this was a gentle Hatha practice. I then trained with David Swenson in The Ashtanga system since I was looking for a stronger physical practice. Ashtanga taught me an incredible framework, as well as disciplined a daily practice, and I am eternally grateful for that training. Through my love of Dance and Music (born into a family of musicians), I travelled to The Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts to train in Vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea. One month immersed in a very disciplined schedule and introducing me to the wonders of meditation, and how, ultimately, this becomes the most advanced practice.  I felt Yoga brought huge benefits to my life and wished to share this beautiful practice.  Out of this was born ‘’Wellbeing Warehouse’’, a centre offering a safe space for practice.  Yin Yoga and meditation became an integral part of   my practice, bringing balance to my busy life, and restore my mind and body. I have been to trainings with Sarah Powers and continue my study to the present day. It is an honour to now be a teacher of teachers and the more Yoga teachers that I can send out into the world, the better and kinder world we will all live in."

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Lucy Hibbin copy.png

Lucy Hibbin


Harriet Thomson

Lucy is a Yoga Alliance 500 hour yoga teacher. She is a certified flexibility and mobility coach, breathwork instructor and meditation teacher. It is this scientific approach that Lucy brings to the modules she teachers on our teacher training programmes.  Lucy will show you how to create classes, programmes and workshops that encourage you and your students to  listen to your body and tuning into your breath. She will also show you how developing your own sequencing model will help you plan, prepare and execute classes with confidence and in a time effective manner.

This can help you develop greater self-awareness, confidence and inner strength which will help you develop your own unique offering as a yoga teacher.  




Harriet completed her 500 hour teacher trainings with Paula Ahlberg at the Yoga Teaching Academy and has been a student at Wellbeing Warehouse for many years - before becoming a teacher . 


"Paula has always encouraged me to roll out my mat and practice. This helped me grow a deeper understanding of what kind of teacher I wanted to become and what I wanted to gift my students whilst teaching."

Through her powerful asana practice and having a heightened sense of self awareness, she was able to make some huge positive life changes, an experience she will bring to help students to grow and become authentic teachers. 


Harriet has also developed the weekend CPD course on inversions  and arm balances which is offered to any 200hr student. An introduction to these postures is covered on the 200hr teacher training.


Harriet has become a huge part of the team at Wellbeing Warehouse and we feel blessed to have her.




Pema began her yoga journey in 1997, becoming a Buddhist in the Tibetan tradition.


Pema has a PhD in Buddhism and Performance Art from the University of East Anglia where she also lectures in drama. She is a 500 hour registered teacher with Yoga Alliance US and is a Fellow in the Higher Education Academy.

Pema Clark


"I could praise every element of the teacher training, however for me, the key difference with the Wellbeing Warehouse training to others I have heard about from other teachers, is the amount of hands-on, practical teaching we were able to do. Hours were spent on the teacher's mat, learning to actually teach!"


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