This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is an advanced, second level course for YAP 200 (Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered Yoga Teachers with a 200-hour certificate), or students who finished a 200-hour course and wish to become 500-hour teachers.

This 300-hour course is for any Yoga teacher wishing to continue their studies and deepen their knowledge of creating class plans and teaching private clients. Possibly you completed your 200-hour some time ago or even recently, and feel you need to add to your knowledge in order to take your Yoga Teaching to the next level, with confidence and creativity.


The course will delve into more depth around the subjects of Philosophy, Functional Anatomy and how to structure your classes.


You will leave with the knowledge of how to develop classes to mixed levels, how to accommodate injuries and certain health issues, structure sequences around a peak posture, and how to use safe hands on assists for each posture.


You will look in detail at the ‘’Art of Sequencing’’ and how to build a class around a theme, integrating the ancient philosophies, yet making it applicable to modern day Yoga.


The anatomy of the Organs, and how to build a practice with particular focus on enhancing organ function, as well as using Yoga as a complementary therapy to improve health, is also part of the course. This will add to the module where you are taught how to build classes for private clients, and develop on-going structures for individuals.





The course is run over 21 days together with written assignments, working alongside a 500-hour Teacher, producing recorded classes and final assessment.

The course will run between the following dates:

Start date in February 2021 - to be confirmed.


We then break for 10 days, where students are required to study and

complete written assignments.

On completion, students are required to arrange a suitable assessment date

with the course coordinator. The course dates above are not flexible and students

will be required to be in the studios throughout the course.


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Week 1

Dates to be Confirmed

Peak posture Vinyasa flow

Pranayama and meditation suitable for the practice

Functional Anatomy practical

Hands on adjustments and verbal assists


Paula Ahlberg, 


Oliver Robbertse-Ricote

Week 1 cont

Dates to be Confirmed

Teaching Beginners and progression

Structuring a class to mixed level

Creating class plans and planning 6 week courses

Paula Ahlberg

Week 2

Dates to be Confirmed

Peak posture Vinyasa

Pranayama and Meditation for practice- theory and practice

Teaching methodology - How to structure classes

Hands on adjustments and verbal assists

Oliver Robbertse-Ricote

Week 2 cont.

Dates to be Confirmed

Anatomy of breathing


Nadi Shodanam



Anatomy of inner organs and postures

Anatomy of spine- key muscles and postures

Functional Anatomy


Meret Mengis

Week 2 cont.

Dates to be Confirmed

Lesson planning

Progression teaching

Teaching with a theme

Teaching techniques

Peak posture Vinyasa

How to structure a class

Adjusts and assists

Paula Ahlberg


Oliver Robbertse-Ricote

Week 3 

Dates to be Confirmed



Bhagavad Gita

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Understanding the key concepts and applying philosophy

Principles of Meditation and how to teach

Meret Mengis

Week 3 cont.

Dates to be Confirmed

Application of philosophy into class structure

Overview of all subjects.

Reviewing class templates

Nutrition and living the Yogic lifestyle

How to implement Yoga into your daily life

Creating home practice

Overview of Philosophy and application in modern day Yoga

Paula Ahlberg, 


Meret Mengis

Week 4

Dates to be Confirmed

How to teach one-to-one clients

The business of teaching Yoga

How to set up a business plan

How to establish and grow your Yoga business

Ethical guidelines and duty of care

Risk assessment and health and safety legislation


Progressive teaching

Creating workshops/retreats

Overview of all subjects

Paula Ahlberg


Price for courses 2021


300-hour Yoga Alliance Professional Teacher Training: 



Early Bird £2,695 (Payment made in full before 31 October 2020)


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Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.



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