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This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is an advanced, second level course for RYT 200 (Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers with a 200 hour certificate), or students who finished a 200-hour course and wish to become 500 hour teachers.

The 300 hour is for any Yoga teacher wishing to continue their studies and deepen their knowledge surrounding the vast subject of Yoga.


The course will delve into more depth around the subjects of Philosophy, Functional anatomy, and how to structure your classes with more skills, and a clearer insite into creating an inspirational theme.

You will leave with the knowledge of how to develop classes to mixed levels, how to accommodate injuries and certain health issues, structure sequences around a peak posture, and how to use safe hands on and verbal assists for each posture.


You will look in detail at the ‘’Art of Sequencing’’ and how to build a class around a theme, integrating the ancient philosophies, yet making it applicable to modern day Yoga. You will also have a clearer understanding of how to choose appropriate groups of Asanas, how to anatomically prepare for a peak posture, apply an appropriate breathing technique, as well as creating a nurturing space for practice.


 In addition to this you will learn about the anatomy of the Organs, their function and what ailments can occur on so many other levels when things are not working effectively. This has a huge influence on how you may wish to build a practice with particular focus on enhancing the organ function.

You will look at how Yoga can be used as a complementary therapy, where the integration of various Yoga techniques may enhance wellbeing.


This is a great addition to the module structured around teaching private clients, and continually develop techniques for a vast array of injuries and ailments, whether physical or emotional.


Possibly you completed your 200 hour some time ago or even recently, and feel you need to add to your knowledge in order to take your Yoga Teaching to the next level, with confidence and creativity.


The course is run over 16 days of in person contact hours, together with written assignments, home study and research, which all goes towards your final assessment.


Alongside the duration of the course you will be offered virtual, or if necessary a private consultation with the tutor of your choice



KEY DATES Autumn 2021



Thursday 2nd September - Sunday 5th September

Thursday 9th September - Sunday 12th September

Thursday 14th October - Sunday 17th October

Thursday 21st October - Sunday 24th October



Book our intensive course now for only £2,695.

Non refundable Registration Fee £500

Early bird price: £2,350 (If paid in full by 30th JUNE 2021)


KEY DATES Autumn 2022



Thursday 22nd September - Sunday 25th September

Thursday 13th October - Sunday 16th October

Thursday 3rd November - Sunday 6th November

Thursday 24th November - Sunday 27th November



Book our intensive course now for only £2,695

Non refundable Registration Fee £500

Early bird price: £2,395 (If paid in full by 30th June 2022)


Week 3



"The heart of Yoga" by TKV Desikachar

"The Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita" by Swami Rama,  or

"The Bhagavad Gita (A walkthrough for Westerners)" by Jack Hawley

(This is a slightly easier read than other versions of "The Bhagavad Gita")

"The Yoga Bible" by Christina Brown

"The Key Muscles of Yoga" by Ray Long or "Yoga Anatomy" by Leslie Kaminoff

Teaching Yoga ( Essential foundations and Techniques) by Mark Stephens

Teaching Yoga Beyond The Poses- Sage Rountree and Alexandra Desiato

Embodying the Yoga Sutra- Ranju Roy and David Charlton

The Upanishads- Eknath Easwaran

Week 3

Paula Ahlberg

Creating workshops using functional anatomy- target areas and family of poses.

How and when to use music.

Assisting- how and when to apply safely and with clarity- individual assists and group verbal assisting.

Teaching methodology- How to structure classes.

Understanding Philosophy to be able to apply to your class plan.

Lesson planning and progressive teaching.

Teaching beginner to advanced Yoga students.

Week 4 

Paula Ahlberg

Refining the role of a Yoga teacher- this will be personal to you.

The business of Yoga.

Finding your own voice as a teacher and creating your individual style.

How to teach one to ones and group classes.

Practice teaching.

Questions and revision of all topics.

Creating classes as a group.





Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Week 1

Paula Ahlberg

Class sequencing.

Theming and Setting around an intention.

Peak pose and family poses.

Functional Anatomy when sequencing.

Incorporating Pranayama, Meditation and music to reinforce key functions of the theme or peak pose.

Language- how to use passive and active language.

Assists- when and how to apply.

Week 2

Meret Mengis

Pranayama and practice.
Where and how it is applicable within a class setting.

Anatomy of the spine.
Consideration of the movements of the spine with key muscles and appropriate postures.

Functional Anatomy and its application within teaching.

Anatomy of the organs and how to maintain organ health, together with choosing a suitable practice to enhance organ function.

Nutrition and living the Yogic lifestyle as a complementary therapy and for general wellbeing.


History and Philosophy

The Upanishads.

The Bhagavad Gita.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Understanding the key concepts of Philosophy and how to apply both on and off the Yoga mat.

Principles of meditation and how to guide various meditations.


Contact us or pop in about booking this course.

147 All Saints Road, Newmarket CB8 8HH

01638 660065

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