Aerial Yoga Teacher Course

Paula Ahlberg | Louise Keiller | Friday 13th - Sunday 15th March 2020.


This course is a 40-hour CPD course, approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals, and suitable for certified Yoga Instructors with a minimum of 200-hour certification.


The course is set over 3 days and consists of 28 contact hours together with 12 hours of non-contact hours.  Students are required to attend three led Aerial Yoga classes outside the Teacher Training, as well as create class templates to provide to the course coordinator.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the knowledge required to teach a safe and efficient Aerial yoga sequence.  You will be given a template to structure a class, which is safe and suitable for mixed abilities. You will be shown techniques to deepen and strengthen a yoga practise, guidance to demonstrate modifications, as well as prove proficiency, as well as show creativity through by structuring your own guided Aerial Yoga class.    




Overview of History and Philosophy of Yoga, origins of Aerial Yoga and creating a class template.



Anatomy of the musculoskeletal system. Contra-indications and modifications.
Practical teaching and safety.


Practical Teaching and Assessment.

Download full Syllabus HERE

This course is taught by Paula Ahlberg, Head of Teacher Training at Yoga Teaching Academy, together with Louise Keiller, Yoga teacher with Aerial Yoga as her speciality. 


Aerial yoga brings support to a yoga practise, helps to access inversions and deeper stretching that may not be accessible on the mat.  It also helps students to conquer fears and overcome obstacles, and helps to build confidence and physical strength in the practise. 


Aerial Yoga finally offers an opportunity to 'Play' within the practise, allowing students to experiment with their abilities and creativity, finding support and trust within themselves, using this wonderfully versatile tool.  

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